Welcome to use this site service! In order to provide you with better services, please carefully read the “User Agreement and Legal Statement” (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”). Before you start using the services of this site, please read and fully understand this agreement, especially the terms concerning exemption or limitation of liability, terms of rights permission and information use, terms of agreeing to open and use special individual services, and applicable laws And dispute resolution clauses. Among them, important contents such as exemption or limitation of liability clauses will be reminded in bold form, and you should read them emphatically. If you are under the age of 18, please read carefully and fully understand this agreement with your legal guardian, and use the services of this site after obtaining the consent of the legal guardian. If you do not agree to this agreement, this will result in our inability to provide you with complete products and services, and you can also choose to stop using it. If you choose to agree to or use the services of this site, it is deemed that you have fully understood this agreement and promised to be a party to this agreement to accept the agreement, legal notices, privacy policies and related rules, regulations, statements, announcements, and notices of this site And other content constraints.

1. Scope of application 1. “User Use Agreement and Legal Statement” (hereinafter referred to as “this agreement”) is a user use agreement and legal statement between the user (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “user”) and this site regarding the Internet services provided by the website , This agreement has legal effect on both the user and this site. 2. The legal relationship between you and this site under this statement shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia, and all litigation or disputes related to this site or this statement shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia. This statement is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users who abide by national laws and regulations and maintain public order and good customs. 3. For behaviors that violate relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this agreement, this site will make reasonable judgments in accordance with laws and regulations, instructions issued by state agencies and the aforementioned rules, and take appropriate legal actions against any person who violates laws and regulations, and in accordance with the law The laws and regulations preserve relevant information and report to relevant authorities, and cooperate with relevant authorities in investigations, etc.

2. Regarding registration and account management 1. The service on this site provides you with a registration channel. You have the right to choose a legal combination of characters as your account and set a password that meets the security requirements. The account and password you set are the credentials you use to log in and use this service as a registered user. 2. You understand and promise that the account you set up shall not violate national laws and regulations and the relevant rules of this site, and shall not implement any behavior that infringes on the national interests or damages the legal rights and interests of other citizens and other harmful social morals. Your account name and avatar Illegal and harmful information must not appear in registration information such as profile and profile, and other personal information, and must not be opened in another person’s name (including but not limited to fraudulent use of another person’s name, name, font size, avatar, etc.) without the permission of others. Accounts must not be registered maliciously (including but not limited to frequent registration, batch registration of accounts, etc.). The company has the right to review the registration information you submit.

3. You understand and promise to use true, accurate, legal, and effective identity information authentication materials and necessary information (including organization code, ID number, mobile phone number, copy of the copy of the corporate legal person business license when registering and managing your account Authentication of real identity information, such as copies of legal person certificates of institutions, etc.). In accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations, in order to use the services of this site, you need to fill in the real identity information. Please complete the real-name authentication in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and pay attention to timely update the above-mentioned relevant information. This site has the right to verify the relevant information you submit and decide whether to approve your application. If you refuse to provide materials or the submitted materials or the information provided is irregular or does not meet the requirements, this site has the right to refuse to provide you with related services Or you may not be able to use this service or some functions may be restricted during use. The review of this site does not mean that you are responsible for the authenticity, accuracy, authenticity, and legality of the materials and information you submit. You should be independently responsible for the materials and information.

4. The ownership and related rights and interests of your registered account in this service belong to this site. You only have the right to use the account after completing the registration procedures. You should use, operate, and manage the service account of this site correctly and appropriately. Your account is limited to your own use. Without the written consent of this site, it is prohibited to give, borrow, rent, transfer, sell or otherwise permit others to use the account in any form. If the company discovers or has reasonable grounds to believe that the user is not the initial registrant of the account, in order to protect the security of the account, the company has the right to immediately suspend or terminate the provision of services to the registered account, freeze the account rights or cancel the account.

5. You are responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of your account and password, and assume legal responsibility for the activities you engage in in the name of the registered account, including but not limited to any content modification, article publication, Image upload and other operations. You should attach great importance to the confidentiality of account numbers and passwords, and do not disclose account numbers and passwords to others under any circumstances. If you find that someone else uses your account without permission or any other security vulnerabilities occur, you should immediately notify this site to deal with it.

6. After your account is lost or forgotten, you can retrieve your account and password by following the channels provided by this site. You understand and agree that the company’s password retrieval mechanism only needs to identify the consistency between the filled data and the system record data, and it cannot identify whether the complainant is a real account authorized user. This site especially reminds you that you should keep your information, account number and password properly, and you should log out safely after you have finished using it. Your account may be stolen or lost due to improper custody, and you are solely responsible for it.

7. User information collection and protection In order to complete product and service functions, investigate and analyze problems to continuously improve service quality, we may collect some information and basic usage data from your device from time to time based on the necessity of providing services.
Information collected by this site
1. Device Identifier: Your device identifier will be used in the process of using the App, and sent to the server when requesting data to prevent multiple devices with the same account from logging in.

2. Personal information submitted when you use the service: When you create an account, modify personal information, submit franchise information, etc., you need to selectively provide personal information and account information, including but not limited to nicknames, avatars, mobile phone numbers, and addresses , Email, etc., these information will be stored in the server of this site in the form of hidden parts to ensure that user information will not be leaked during the internal management of this site. You can delete you by going to my settings-account logout page Once the account is cancelled, all content related to the account will be emptied and cannot be retrieved.
3. How to protect the security of personal information This site works with you to protect your personal information (that is, information that can identify users independently or in combination with other information). Protecting users’ personal information is one of the basic principles of this site.

Customs, Duties, Taxes and Import Fees

1. International customers may be subject to import duties & taxes and/or brokerage fees, which are the responsibility of the Buyer and are collected at the time of delivery. Your charge from us includes the cost of your item(s) and the cost of shipping.

2. Any additional charges for customs clearance and/or brokerage fees must be paid by buyers. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be.

3. Customs policies vary widely from country to country so please contact your local customs office or brokerage office if you need additional information.

Refund Policy

1. We strive to satisfy our customers and stand behind everything we sell!

2. Each customer must contact us for any Refund requests. We reserve the rights to decide if refund is justified or not justifiable, it is case by case basis. No refund will be given after the course started and course materials are given.